I believe the quotes are live. re: https://honkasaurus.world/u/tedu/p/RKFkNBW2rlbR4DH68P

Should have quote inlining done. Waiting for a good minute to deploy.

Should have quote inlining done. Waiting for a good minute to deploy.

./database.go:874:5: initialization cycle for postCache

Shut up, compiler, just let me code!

The lands in the unfinity set look really cool.

First noticed the overgrown tomb. Great art.

Each of the dual lands seems to tell a bit of a story.

And even the basics look good. A believable alien planet.

After consultation with the architectural diagrams, I believe I understand how captions work now.

Calculating the load capacity of the honknet.

The jankiest parts of the honk3 css should get cleaned up soon enough.

And we're back. As a reminder, honk3 is subject to the same reliability guarantees as honk. It is extremely unlikely to break, unless I break it, which is extremely likely.

Eventually need to work out a way to detect the app script.js is outdated and reload. In the mean time, a daily refresh is recommended...

Discovered some more database "corruption" based on code churn. Need to add some gamma and delta phases to my release process, so I'm not stuck with a database containing remnants nobody else has.

Thought federation with lemmy was broken. It was just a broken instance that returns 400 for all post requests. Found another instance that works. yolo.

Thanks for finding two bugs. :)

Spent the day fixing more latent bugs in other projects than in honk3 itself. As to be expected.

At some point I need to fix the front page query so it doesn't only show my posts on everybody else's domain. That was a quick hack.

Redoing the main host domain at the last minute may have not been the brightest idea. Apparently that wasn't designed to change, but the damage was minimal and easily repaired.

Well, what can wrong is that I seem to be pretty terrible at DNS.

Almost ready. All that's left is the testing. What could go wrong?

Some good work on the styles. Still pretty barren, but the direction is more apparent for each.

Ugh, trying to fix up iPhone "right click" is harder than I thought. Unlimited unintended consequences.

Successfully verified the most important thing. Le big mastodon supports shared inbox across domains. Was slightly concerned that wouldn't work, which would be a serious hiccup for honk enterprise.

I think the sad reality is other projects may or may not work, but they can be convinced to change, whereas big stomper does what big stomper does.

Ugh, tiny bugs hiding everywhere in signup code. Users are the worst.

So found something of a hack which looks promising to do right click on iPhone (etc.).

Someday I'll figure out how css grid actually works, but apparently that was not today. It was pretty until it was not.

Reports and regex.

Got the tag links working. Cooking with induction, now.

Okay, getting the basic styles in place. Still some dreadful parts, alas, in need of rework.

I had forgotten how generally slow and unreliable other servers are. The somewhat rewritten thread logic has to be adjusted to better deal with missing posts. It's not that different than before, really, but I accidentally made it more reliant on a reliable network.

When you accidentally design the program to be resilient in the face of slow requests, then don't notice it's actually deadlocked because the resiliency keeps things going.

New profile pic.

An upload or two.

A test post.

Soft launched with all the processing code written, but without the handler hooked into the fedi inbox. As per usual.

Just checking.

Well, hello there. Getting things under way.